If you are a genuinely open minded scholar of the arts, and ready to learn and evolve your abilities and attributes in order to become an efficient, dynamic and ballistic FIGHTING MACHINE – then look no further than the all new DNA Fight Science by Defence Lab.

“When the economy is weak, criminals become more desperate than ever and are willing to do just about anything to survive, even if that means committing heinous acts of violence against innocent people. Don’t be the next helpless victim!”

Tony Cianflone

About Me

The new DNA Fight Science Program devised by Andy Norman, and Defence Lab, is an “EVOLVED” Combat System that has in truth been evolving continuously over the past 30 years; a consequence of real-life “experiences”, pressure testing, research and investigation, and ultimately trying to answer that never ending question: “DOES IT REALLY WORK?”
The DNA system is a reflection of Andy’s very own provocative life journey so far. Andy has an awesome training pedigree, and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies.

Andy says:

“I have always been fascinated with the study of the human; DNA clearly been a “secret” code of our genetic makeup.
I have, right from the very beginning of my studies, been captivated with the process of defence in attack; how to make a defence mechanism the most brutal and ballistic form of self-defence, as luck would have it, DNA can also be seen as an acronym for defence ‘in’ attack… so that’s how the DNA fight science name came about”.

“DNA – Defence in attack; perfectly describes what we do, and what I have been doing all my life”
Great things are spawned from what many consider to be crazy, until it becomes the “NORM”…



The DNA Fight Science Program concentrates on developing practical and functional resolutions to street altercations; it also has an inbuilt fitness regime and of course an element of fun!!

 DEFENCE LAB & the DNA fight science program-  it’s all about decrypting the “chaos code”!
The DNA fight science program devised by Andy Norman and Defence Lab is a reflection of his very own provocative life journey so far. Andy has an awesome training pedigree from Europe, and a massively colourful history, thus Defence Lab will continue to be a reflection of one of today’s great pioneers of modern urban martial art training methodologies.




September 11: Zach F.

This is the absolute BEST place to learn the BEST forms of self defense. I’ve trained/dabbled in a few different martial arts but this is where I am going to stay, because for me, I want a system that provides me with discipline, fitness, and real life practicality. As others have mentioned, the instructors are not only extremely well versed in Krav Maga, DNA, etc, but also share a wealth of street knowledge and real life combative wisdom from their many years as police officers. This completes the package and will set you at ease knowing that you will be the most prepared for anything. By the way, you will also be in the best shape of your life! Finally, if you have any apprehension about the environment, it couldn’t be more comfortable and ‘new-comer’ friendly. Even if you are out of shape and know nothing about martial arts, they will take you from wherever you are, and I guarantee you will be surprised at how quickly you feel stronger, more confident, and twice as prepared as you were yesterday.

July 27: Juan G.

Loved this place. Was in town visiting my sister and went with her to check it out. She was looking to get back into shape after having a kid but was also looking for a place that taught self-defense techniques. It was a full class but the instructor made us feel like she was giving us a private session. She started everyone out with a challenging interval circuit but at no time did we feel rushed. The second half of the class focused on techniques and combination drills, and she went around the room giving everyone feedback, tips, and encouragement. The place also had a community feel to it, which I don’t think is that common. Throughout and at the end of the class, the other students were quick to introduce themselves and were very welcoming. It was great. My sister decided to join and I would’ve if I lived in Chicago. Highly recommend!

February 3: Christina K.

This place is incredible. The instructors know their stuff, and are really helpful, no matter what level you start at. I started going here with no martial arts experience of any kind, and they have helped me develop

November: Mark C.

Great instructors and great classmates. The self defense techniques taught are understandable and effective. You get a great, intense work out at the same time – I’ve dropped 15 pounds so far and have kept it off. I look forward to training here for a long time to come. I highly recommend Krav Maga Force to anyone looking to learn effective self defense techniques, while at the same time getting the added benefit of improved strength and conditioning.


Address: 1043 W. Madison Chicago IL., 60607   Phone: 773.305.7657